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Mystical, Mythical, Magical


When booking a party in The Enchanted Garden, your family and guests will have access to our venue for 2 hrs total. The first 30 min are used for set up time and guests may arrive 30 min past your arrival time. Parties in the garden are 1.5 hrs long.

  • Exclusive use of the venue during scheduled

      party time

  • Free parking

  • Use of refrigerator and freezer for food storage

  • Party Coordinator

  • 30 min Meet n Greet with Elsa the Unicorn

  • Tea Time/Faerie Foods

Pick a time that

works for you:

10 AM

1 PM

4 PM

unnamed (9).jpg

Craft Choices:

Create a Wand

Wish Upon a Jar

Flower Crown

Tea Options:

Tisane, Rooibos, Honeybush, Mint, Orange Tea, Peach Tea, Sweet Tea

Elsa's Enchanted Garden Deluxe

  • Tea Time (3 teas)

  • Scones, cookies, mini muffins, seasonal fruits and more!

  • A photographer to capture your precious moments

  • 15 mini photo shoot including Unicorn Elsa and the Birthday Princess (scheduled to shoot before party begins)

  • Private time for the birthday princess and Unicorn Elsa

  • Access to a sanitized, private venue for 1.5 hrs and a party coordinator to help with set up

  • A "Happy Birthday" yard sign in the front of the venue

  • 30 min Meet & Greet with Unicorn Elsa

  • Faerie Water (pink lemonade) & Tea Time (1 tea) 

  • Story Time read by Event Coordinator Rebekah

  • Age appropriate craft of your choice​ 

$400 for up to 15 children

Unicorn Ettiquette:

When approching Elsa, please walk towards her slowly and quietly. We never want to squeel or make loud noises, as it will spook her. Unicorns are very gentle creatures and prefer soft noises. Please NEVER walk behind Elsa, she prefers to be able to see her friends at all times. Elsa loves being pet on her neck, belly, and back, but please avoid petting her near her ears. She loves crunchy treats such as sliced apples and sugar cubes- please feel free to bring some to your scheduled PARTY!

Deposit and Refund Policies:


50% of the cost is required up front to book your event. If you need to cancel your party, we can offer a full refund if we are notified more than two weeks ahead of time. We can offer a  50% refund on your deposit if notified less than two weeks but more than 48 hours before your event.

Your deposit will not be refunded if we are notified of the cancellation less than 48 hours ahead of time. If we do not receive notice of your cancellation, you will be invoiced for the remaining balance of the party.

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