Frequently Asked Questions:



Can my birthday princess ride Elsa?

Because of the mystical powers that unicorns possess, they cannot be

ridden by the human folk. 

Can Elsa visit us in our home or venue?

Unicorn Elsa's magic is tied into the Enchanted Unicorn Garden and she cannot wander too far from her home.

Can I invite more than 8 children?

Our venue will only comfortably host up to 8 princesses and their


Are there gluten free/allergy sensitive menus available?

Yes, but they must be requested beforehand. Additional costs may be


Will I have admittance into The Learning Zoo if I book a party with The Enchanted Unicorn Garden?

The Learning Zoo and Enchanted Unicorn Garden parties are two separate businesses. We are happy to give you the contact information for The Learning Zoo if you would like to schedule your Birthday Party, Group Tour, or VIP Tour.