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Unicorn Elsa

Hi! I am Elsa the magical unicorn and I am so excited to spend your special day with you! Come join my faerie friends and I in The Enchanted Unicorn Garden! Brush my mane, add colorful hair extensions to my tail, feed me my favorite biscuits and give me scratches on my back and belly!


My alicorn (horn) is full of magical powers, be sure to rub it for good luck!

Elsa's Profile:

What does Elsa do in her spare time? Elsa loves to prance and frolic with the butterflies in green pastures while grazing on fresh grass


Who is Elsa's best friend? You can catch Elsa giggling with her faerie friends about their favorite teas and flowers


If Elsa was lost, where would we look for her? Why The Enchanted Unicorn Garden, of course!

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