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Calling all photographers...

Have you dreamed of having a unicorn in your photoshoot? Now is your chance!

2 hrs- $200

3 hrs-$300

If you require a Promo Photo Shoot beforehand, you may schedule a 1 hr time slot beforehand on an earlier date. This 1 hr will be deducted from your 2-3 hr total.

Elsa must stay on site her Enchanted Unicorn Garden at:

15428 Delores Lane, Conroe

Photos taken by:

Heart & Lens Photography

See a photo that you love? Contact us for the photographer's booking information!

Know Before You Go...

Can my client sit/on ride Elsa?

Because of the mystical powers that unicorn's possess (and insurance), they cannot be ridden by the human folk. 

Can Elsa travel to my studio or location of choice?

Unicorn Elsa's magic is tied into the Enchanted Unicorn Garden and she cannot wander too far from her home.

Are you insured?


  • Client must be wearing closed toe shoes

  • No balloons

  • Do NOT bring outside pets along to the scheduled shoot

  • Please come dressed- no outfit changes


Unicorn Ettiquette:

When approching Elsa, please walk towards her slowly and quietly. We never want to squeel or make loud noises, as it will spook her. Unicorns are very gentle creatures and prefer soft noises. Please NEVER walk behind Elsa, she prefers to be able to see her friends at all times. Elsa loves being pet on her neck, belly, and back, but please avoid petting near her ears! Ela loves crunchy treats like alfalfa, apples, and carrots- do not worry about bringing these things- we will supply!

Enchanted Unicorn Garden

15428 Delores Lane

Conroe, Tx. 77384


Located on the same premise as The Learning Zoo

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